I missed the UK Borders closing down sale.  90% off – would I have been able to carry my purchases home? 

So I decided that I was allowed to capitalise on the January sales.  Now before I show you my plunder, you need to know that it could have been so much worse.  I added another 36 titles to my Amazon wishlist – most of them, if not all,  are pre-publication. Frances at NonSuchBook the major culprit in adding to this list.  I find her book lust series awakens the – er- book lust in me! 

Anyway back to the January sales.  They were brilliant!  The Folio Society had a tremendous sales – bought 3.  The Book People are always good – I purchased a sumptuous parcel of books from them for buttons.  Oxford Press had a great sale  too!  But you know, once the dam is breached, the flood is inevitable.  So the announcement of the Three Percent list for best translation, the publication of the programe for Glasgow’s Aye Write literary festival,  Jean-Euphele Milce’s surviving the earthquake in Haiti and the launch of the Not The TV Book Group have all triggered unpremeditated purchases.  I’ve also received some lovely publisher parcels.  Thank you. I will read them all – still working on the talent of reading them all at once!

I’m not going to talk you through all my acquisitions – we’d be here till March.  I’ll just show you.

But first I will add a health warning.  Those on book buying embargos (and my husband) should look away now! 

The eagle-eyed will notice that there is a DVD at the summit of the middle pile.  It’s true and it’s a rare thing – the film of  Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day is better than the already fabulous book!  And at only £3.98  I had to have it.  Book to movie review to follow.

So how is the immediate TBR faring?  Of the 10 I listed in January, I’ve read three, then I veered off into another direction. (This is allowed – I read primarily for pleasure.)  However, anything that hits the immediate TBR will be read in 2010 and for February, I’m adding the following.  Vanessa and Virginia for the Not The TV Book Group, The Rapture for the TV Book Group, everything I bought in preparation for AyeWrite – The Mabinogion,White RavensThe Ninth Wave and Shades of Grey.  Also some Tolstoy related material – The Diaries of Sofia Tolstoy, Jay Parini’s The Last Station and something by the great man himself. This in preparation for the film release of The Last Station  on the 19th of this month.

As well as Part 2 of the new Tin Drum though I’m wondering what happened to my fellow readalongers yesterday.

Finally, last but by no means least, Kader Abdolah’s The House of The Mosque in preparation for the author Q&A now scheduled for Wednesday, 24.02.  I hope all giveaway winners have received their books and are busy reading …  I’ll put a post up later in the week for any questions you may have.  Please contribute – this Q&A is a collaborative effort.  Feel free to chip in.

And now I’m off because if this post has proved anything  – the life of a 21st century bookworm is a busy one!