Someone tell me quickly why Gok wasn’t there?   I am, of course, wracked with guilt because of all the black  marks we’ve collectively allocated …… so no more of that …. let’s have a knock-out competition instead!  Only the permanent fixtures involved and that includes the editor. Gok, by his absence, the first casualty. 

Week 3 was, of course, the crunch week.  Had they listened to the feedback?  Jo’s new glasses – very nice. Emilia Fox, an Austen lover with no autobiography to sell.  The talk was about books and even more time dedicated to the title of honour.  And, everybody genuinely enthusiastic – apart from Jo, who simply couldn’t look through the eyes of a C16th woman.  But was that calculated? You’ve got to have a little dissent in the ranks to have a proper book club, haven’t you.  And you know what?  I may now read this book.

But I definitely want Kate Mosse’s bookshelves!

No voting this week as Gok defaulted and I’ve still to work out the mechanics of the new voting system.

Over to you, what did you think?