Now here’s a book with a cover designed to take the chill out of the air.  Look at those lovely warm blues and terracottas. Thanks to Canongate, I have five of them to giveaway to readers in the UK and Europe.  It would be wonderful too, if after reading it, you participate in a book discussion on the wonderful Worldliteratureforum and an author Q&A here on Lizzy’s Literary Life, which is likely to take place sometime in the second half of February.

I haven’t started reading the book yet so here’s an extract from the press release:

A sweeping, compelling story which brings to life the Iranian Revolution, from an author who experienced it first-hand. 

Iran, 1969. In the house of the mosque, the family of Aqa Jaan has lived for eight centuries. The house teems with life, played out under the watchful eyes of the storks that nest on the minarets above. But this family will experience upheaval unknown to previous generations. For in Iran, political unrest is brewing. The shah is losing his hold on power; the ayatollah incites rebellion from his exile in France; and one day the ayatollah returns. The consequences will be felt in every corner of Aqa Jaan’s family.

The author is an Iranian political refugee who lives in the Netherlands and now writes in Dutch; his pen-name,  Kader Abdolah, created in memoriam to friends who died under the persecution of the current Iranian regime.  So let’s add intriguing to the list of adjectives of the press release.   If you fancy a read, some sociable chat and a chance at putting your own questions to the author, leave your names in comments.  I’ll put to work on Wednesday to give Canongate a chance to get the book to you in good time for the author Q&A.