and that’s official.

I was so pleased with myself.  I completed the countdown challenge 2009, which had a committment of  44 books!  My reading/review list is here.  Flushed with success I signed-up to the countdown 2010 challenge with its committment of 54 books. (10 from 2010, 9 from 2009, etc down to 2001).  It’s a great challenge to get through the reading stacks.

Then I began to sort through said stacks  to unearth the books that are going to help me meet this challenge. I wasn’t sure if I had enough in the backlog.  No worries, I do!  And as I was concentrating on Short Story September, I thought it a good idea to separate the short stories from the rest  ….  The result?


And that’s not counting the 30 or so other anthologies and novellas waiting patiently on the (overfull) Folio Society/Pushkin Press/Everyman/Art of the Novella  library shelves.



It’s just as well Short Story September has turned me into a short story junkie, isn’t it?