What with all the pre-Deutschland reading and the post-Deutschland blogging, I managed to stretch my fortnight’s holiday into a 3-month Germanophile indulgence.   But it is now time to say goodbye (temporarily, of course) and start meandering back to Scotland. In just 5 days, the marquees in Charlotte Square will open for business,  the Edinburgh Book Festival begins. 

But before my attention reverts northwards, let me just post a couple of  photographs  that I wish I had taken.  Perhaps I’ll know how  to take breathtaking shots like these the next time I visit.  In the meantime I’ll print them out to stick in my photograph album (and there’s your book-related link to legitimise this post.)

Frankfurt by Night (by wecand @ flickr)

And finally:

Mainhattan (by roommate @ flickr)
Mainhattan (by roomman @ flickr)

Only one thing wrong with the last photo.  The plane is taking off not landing.  Oh, be still my aching heart …..