There is (used to be ?) a television program in the UK which took viewers on a journey through a house. The guest panel had to guess the identity of the occupant(s). We’re going to play this today and there will be a prize.  Ready?

We’re still in Germany, where, incidentally, my head and this blog are staying until it stops raining. I’ve been back in Scotland for 18 days now and there has only been 1 dry day. In real life Lizzy is wet and very, very grumpy … developing a truly British obsession with the weather.  However, I digress. To get back to the point,

Who Lived In A House Like This?
Who Lived In A House Like This?

Picture clue notes – top row, from left to right:

1.  He was born in this house on 28 August, 1749.

2.  His father was a successful lawyer, so the family lived very comfortably indeed.  This was the formal dining room. 

3. As a child, this puppet theatre was a favourite toy.

4.  As a writer, he sat at this desk and penned early works such as Götz von Berlichingen and The Sufferings of Young Lizzy Werther.  (Oops!  But because it’s raining, I’ll let that one word “review” stand!)

Bottom row from left to right:

5. No doubt he researched his work using his father’s fantastic 2000 volume library.  (Gorgeous!)  No wonder in the words of George Elliot he became ” the last true polymath to walk the earth.”

6. An early copy of said Götz von Berlichingen.

7. He is Frankfurt am Main’s  most famous literary son, though I wonder what would he make of the skyscrapers  in “Mainhattan” these days.  His literary reputation in Germany matches that of Shakespeare in the UK.  And, like Shakespeare,

8.  he inflicts as much despair on his students as he did on his most famous literary creation, Faust.  (Well, he did on me.  And before the whole of Germany falls out with me for my heresies, I do have The Sufferings of … and Elective Affinities  in the TBR to be reread very soon.  Maybe, maybe this time I will get it!)

If you’ve identified the mystery poet, playwright and novelist, don’t forget to  post your answer in comments.  Results and prize allocation via random number generator to be announced next Sunday. Competition open worldwide.