Travelling Companions
Possible Travelling Companions

As you can see, I’ve been collecting again.  Oh, that’ll do nicely for my German trip … and that … and that … oh, that too.  If I packed them all, there’d be no room left for clothing.  What is a bookworm to do?

The good news is  the problem has been solved with bookworm and suitcase now on their way to Berlin.   5 days from now I’ll be landing in Frankfurt am Main and a few days after that to a 3rd undisclosed destination.  Rather than tell you where it is and which books eventually became my travelling companions, I thought it was time for a competition.  There will be a prize for the most correct (or the closest) answers when I return.  A souvenir from Germany – hopefully book related.  A surprise for you and me both!

So, without further ado:

1) How many books in the bookstack  did I take with me?  No further clues other than I’ll be away for 12 days in total.

The candidates stack up from the bottom as follows:  98 Reasons for Being – Clare Dudman; Cecile – Theodor Fontane;  A Most Wanted Man – John Le Carre;  Berlin Tales  – Short Story Anthology;  Inkheart – Cornelia Funke;  What I Saw – Joseph Roth; Funeral In Berlin – Len Deighton;  Top 10 Berlin;  CitySpots Frankfurt; Grimm’s Fairy Tales; Die Leiden des Jungen Werther (The Sufferings of Young Werther) – Johann Wolfgang  Goethe.

2) Which were they?  Have you any idea why?

3) How many of the books did I actually read – in whole or in part?

4) How many book purchases did I make while I was away?

5) From the bookstack can you identify the mystery third destination?

(Competition open worldwide.  One entry per entrant.)

Of course, you’ll have to guess at most, if not all,  of this.  I don’t know all the answers myself at this moment.  To be revealed in two weeks time.   Happy reading until then! 

Should you be stuck for something to read in the meantime, I recommend one of these – Lizzy’s Top 5 Reads of 2009 to-date.  (In no particular order).

Grace – Alex Pheby

Dear Everybody – Michael Kimball

No Word From Gurb – Eduardo Mendoza

Home – Marilynne Robinson

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie – Alan Bradley