As I wrote yesterday’s post, it occurred to me that winners of big prizes are not necessarily the favourite or the most controversial or even the most brilliant because juries are panels and often the winner is one on which all can agree.  A book loved by one is hated (and vetoed) by another.  So I’ve pulled together the votes of 6 online readers.  5 points awarded to the winner and 3 points awarded to the runner up.  Here we go. 

Lizzy’s Literary Life :   Home 5 points   The Wilderness 3 points

Dovegreyreader Scribbles:  Burnt Shadows 5 points   Scottsboro 3 points

Farmlanebooks:  The Wilderness 5 points   Home 3 points

Savidgereads:  Burnt Shadows 5 points The Wilderness 3 points

Ang from Palimpsest:  Home 5 points The Wilderness 3 points

KevinfromCanada:  Burnt Shadows 5 points,  Molly Fox’s Birthday 3 points

Which gives a total of:  Burnt Shadows 15 points, The Wilderness 14 points, Home 13 points, Scottsboro 3 points, Molly Fox’s Birthday 3 points.

So now the real debating starts in the shadow jury, because I know at least one member who hated the shadow winner …..

In the meantime, the juries that matter have awarded

The Orange Award for New Writers to Francesca Kay’s An Equal Stillness

The Orange Prize for Fiction to Marilynne Robinson’s Home.  (Oh, you beauty!)