Mari Strachan by Adam Ifans
Mari Strachan by Adam Ifans

Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to welcome Mari Strachan to Lizzy’s Literary Life. For the next two hours, Mari will be here to chat and answer your questions about her own literary life and, of course, her debut novel The Earth Hums in B-Flat.  Mari’s novel was included on the Amazon Rising Stars promotion and rightly so.  It’s a fabulous read!

In order to keep some semblance of order, please post your questions here. Your question and Mari’s answers will then appear in comments on this post. (It’s probably a good idea to have two windows open.) Don’t worry if things go awry – Lizzy, your editor-in-chief for the evening, will try and keep proceedings smooth.

Don’t be shy – there’s a prize on offer for the question that Mari enjoys the most.  More about that later.

And so, without further ado, let me hand over to Mari ….. (Cue applause!)

EDIT:  Interview now complete and Lesley’s question about ambiguous endings wins the surprise prize.  It’s a real surprise because  even I don’t know what it will be.  I’m going to bring back a souvenir from the Ullapool Book Festival.  So, Lesley, congratulations and I’ll be in touch early next week!

Thanks everyone.  I hoped you enjoyed this.  Could I ask you to show your appreciation with another round of applause for Mari and the generosity of her answers …..