How exciting is exciting?

1) You already know about the live Q&A with Mari Strachan, don’t you?  Please be sure to surf in and make Mari welcome.  Wednesday 6.5.2009 19:00 – 21:00 BST.

2) After 20 years in Scotland, I’m finally going to travel further north than Aviemore.  My destination is the Ullapool Book Festival which for one day will take place on Isle Martin in the middle of  Loch Broom.  I’ve scheduled trips to Ullapool before but then the storms rolled in and wimpish Sassenach that I am, I opted out.   I haven’t looked at the weather forecast for next weekend yet but I have spent the morning packing a 26-inch suitcase full of clothing for every eventuality.  I’m only going for 3 days but this is Scotland.  You can experience all four seasons within the space of a day.  

3)  And finally, the blog has won an award.  Take a look at The View From Here  – an online literary magazine with fine tastes and incredible discernment 🙂   I’m still somewhat gobsmacked, particularly when you look at the standard set by the previous recipients of this accolade.   But hey, if you spot a middle-aged preraphaelite dancing around Loch Broom next weekend, come and say hello!