Hopefully my 3 giveaway winners now have their books in hand and are busy reading to their heart’s delight.

Questions on the book / the writing life are invited from everyone. No need to be a blogger. No need to have read the book. No need to be UK-based. Please enter your questions in comments and I shall provide a book-related prize for the best question. Mari will be the judge of that – and, of course, my own questions will be excluded from the competition!

The Q&A session proper will take place on the evening of Wednesday 6.5.2009 – exact time and method to be confirmed but Mari will be here, live, so you can talk to her in realtime too …..

Are you as excited as I am?

The time for the live Q&A has been confirmed.  Wednesday 6.05.09 7-9 pm BST.  You can post those fiendishly difficult questions in advance if you wish …

EDIT:  This post is for questions only – the live Q&A is happening here.