I love Dorling Kindersley books.  Here’s a small sample from my collection … bought as an educational library for my son, they reverted to my ownership when he flew the nest.  While he outgrew them,  I didn’t and,  I suspect, I never will.

DK Reference Library

 These are robust hardbacks – full of knowledge, beautiful photography and diagrams.  Apart from glossy art publications, they’re my favourite coffee-table books, perfect for browsing.  I’m honestly hard-pressed to pick a favourite.  Currently I think it’s Earth,  published in 2007.  Just browsing through this colourful and enlightening study of our planet is guaranteed to make me care more and take for granted less.  No political stances necessary. 

DK Earth

 So beautiful and thought-provoking is this 520-page volume, that I shall  add it forthwith to my list of desert island books.   While I’m at it, can I land on an island with some of my favourite topological features?Earth Mountains

So how exciting it is to have a chance at writing  an article for a forthcoming DK publication?   Not that I’ve been singled out  – this is the prize in a current Dorling Kindersley competition.   The publishers are looking for members of the public to submit unique objects with incredible stories. The winning entry will be included  in their new book All This Makes Life Worth Living, to be published later this year.  It  will feature a vast array of astonishing items that add something to the world we live in, from Jimi Hendrix’s burnt guitar to Edison’s lightbulb.

More information on their website: http://www.allthisbook.com/.   Get your skates on if you want to enter.  The competition closes on 28th January. 

I have to say this book sounds fascinating and will be an must-own at this house.  A must-must own if I end up contributing to it.  Now where can I find my fascinating object ….  Actually I own over 1500 of them , all on my shelves and each and every one is treasured; the stories in them incredibly interesting.  Somehow though I don’t think that’s exactly what Dorling Kindersley have in mind …..

Do you possess something that you might enter?