There’s been more interest in the EBF bookbag giveaways than anything previous.   On that basis I  assume that you understand how continued book festival attendance depends on this most important item in the bookworm’s toolkit. So it is now time to acknowledge and applaud the stalwarts that supported me throughout the fortnight of the EBF.  It would have been impossible without them.

Bookbags EBF 2008
Bookbags EBF 2008

From left to right: Bag #1 originally earmarked as part of my EBF survival kit never crossed the front door.  Its open-topped juteness, an inadequate defence against the permanent wetness of Summer 2008.  I started the festival accompanied by the neighbouring modest black number.  The compartments at the front perfect for storing an ofttimes soaking umbrella.  However,  its size was limiting.  I was feeding a habit – CBPS (compulsive book purchasing syndrome).   Day two confirmed the need for an upgrade.

Enter bag #3 , a perfectly purple confection, providing not only adequate space but stylish colour coordination with other essential accessories —->Coordinated accessories

Once again side pockets for the flask and brolly.  This was the heroine (purple is female, isn’t it?) that saved the day and foiled the malevolence of that number 44 bus to Balerno.  The one drawback, however, is that it’s a suitcase – albeit of hand-luggage proportions.  But, when full and heavy, the narrow unpadded straps do cut through the shoulders so.  Broader than it is long, it is impossible to tuck under the arm, and so it becomes difficult to the negotiate the crowds in Charlotte Square and the book shops without inflicting collateral damage on unsuspecting bystanders.

It wasn’t until my last day at the festival that the perfect bag presented itself.  I had resisted visiting MacArthur Glen’s Designer Shopping Mall in Livingston all week.   (I drive past it on my way to Edinburgh.)  But just look at bag #4.  It ticks all the boxes.  With 12 hardback capacity, a backpocket for the brolly, zips to ensure water-tightness, longer than it is wide,  with broad weight-distributing shoulder straps.  The irony being that I obtained it only on my final day.  I didn’t have that many books to carry and that celestial body …  what’s it’s name again? … you know, the round yellow thing in the sky …  well, whatever it is called, it finally showed its face.  Not to worry this beautiful bag will come in useful next year.  Only 357 days to go …. still plenty of time to enroll for prerequisite weight training.

But I digress from the real business of the day.  Who is going to be acquiring a souvenir EBF bookbag?  I asked to generate two random numbers between 1 and 18.  The results:

Here are your random numbers:

1	6

Timestamp: 2008-08-31 16:43:56 UTC

Congratulations to Beautiful Witch and donnafugata.  Please email your details to and I get your booty in the post right away.