Some lucky folk still have two days of the EBF to enjoy, but, for me, it is over.  I can hardly believe it – the last two weeks have simply flown by.  I still have three days of the EBF and a couple of author Q&A’s to write up blogwise.  So lots of EBF content to follow over the next week or so.  By the end of which, you may well feel that you have attended the EBF yourselves and so,  I suppose it’s only right and proper that you get to take away some of the souvenirs ….

To celebrate its 25th, the EBF produced a series of postcards containing the thoughts of literary luminaries.  For example:

Iain Banks: 25 years old?  Crikey – that’s  only one more than The Wasp Factory!  How time plummets ….

or poetry from Margaret Atwood:

The Edinburgh Festival’s
Got tons of word comestibles –
We feast with flare
In Charlotte Square –
For me it’s just the bestible!

Souvenirs from EBF 2008
Souvenirs from EBF 2008

I have two Edinburgh Book Festival bookbags, each with a set of these postcards to giveaway.  Just leave a comment by next Sunday if you’d like a chance to own one.  All countries eligible.  Packages will be sent by surface mail to non-UK destinations.


To determine the winner of last week’s draw, I rolled the dice at .  More #1s than any other number.  Congratulations, therefore, to karmaperle.  Please forward your details to me at