We’ve been reading together for about 4 years and so are well past the getting to know you, being polite stage.  So last Monday I was beginning to wonder whether I’d been sent to Coventry.  No-one was speaking .  They just kept staring at me.  Eventually tongues unlocked and the novel was categorically pilloried as the worst book we’ve ever read.  Decried also for peddling soft porn off the back of 9/11.  We were definitely not amused and the meeting was over in 20 minutes. Our one consolation;  sometimes you have to read the rubbish, to appreciate the good stuff. Rating: 

It wasn’t all bad. There were some decent (both senses of the word implied) scenes. But it is a sign of my general malaise that I can only muster up the energy to post this non-review. I shall save myself time by pointing to someone else’s effort. I agree with every word written here.

The front cover blurb predicts that “of all the 9/11 books this is possibly the only one that will pass the test of time”. Yes, well we’ll certainly remember it – unfortunately for all the wrong reasons.

EDIT:  I wasn’t going to name it but it appears that not everyone can see the dustjacket on the right.  I have just non-reviewed Jay McInerney’s The Good Life.