… is a common malady, particularly in my occupation – software design. I don’t suffer from it much too during out-of-office hours.  Not even in the face of a TBR like the one on the left. That’s about 1/3 of it and even I’m beginning to think that too much of a good thing, while not exactly bad for the soul, is certainly bad for the living space.  So I’m thinking up strategies for reducing.  Suggestions in comments please, particularly if you’d like to enter a draw for a lovely gilt-edged hardback beribboned Collector’s Library edition of Joseph Conrad’s “The Secret Agent”.   One of my all-time favourite reads.

The draw will take place, by a method yet to determined (indecision reigns once more), during next Sunday’s Salon.  All countries eligible.  Package will be sent surface mail to non-UK destinations.

However, the real source of consternation this week has been the publication of  the 2008 Edinburgh Book Festival program.   25 years old this year, the Festival has come up with an extraordinary program and I could finance a return Glasgow-Toronto flight with the cost of the tickets to all the events I want to attend.  I have spent 3 days pouring over the program.  I have mounted a virtual trolley raid on the library catalogue, sifted out the books already in hand.  I shall spend the following week browsing the candidates and by next week, the tickets will be purchased and my summer reading program will be fixed.  With a fair wind, I may even get some real reading done!