It may be spring but someone forgot to notify the weather fronts.  I woke up this morning to snow and unlike Gem in To Kill a Mockingbird, I am not at all excited – I have too much driving to do today.

Fortunately I am not to be dissuaded from my anticipatory mood for Amazon have dispatched my latest order – a box which will contain a copy of Patrick McGrath’s new novel Trauma.  I couldn’t wait until the UK release date – July, for goodness sakes!  Why do publishers do this?

There are other reasons also for my purchase of a US edition.  The US dustjacket is far superior, a candidate for Lizzy’s Best Cover of The Year and a trauma in itself – palpitations inevitably induced by a glimpse of that defaced literary tome.  Heaven knows what the contents are going to do!

I’ve been McGrathing during March – stopping over in the New York City of his Ghost Town.  (Full review to follow.) TheAsylum has an interview with the man himself.  It’s all adding up to unbearable tension in this household ….

Mister Postman, please hurry!