Well, the week went belly-up last Sunday when I lost my broadband connection.  I couldn’t get my daily fix of blogs, discussion boards and the like. This should have worked positively – all that extra time for book reading …. except that the book I started last week did not grab me greatly.

Instead of reading, I finally got round to finishing my January reviews. I don’t know why but I can’t sit down and review a book immediately – I think my subconscious has to mull on the input to distill my thoughts into coherent form.  So once the broadband was fixed, I finally posted my reviews of Edith Wharton’s The Touchstone and Sharon Blackie’s The Long Delirious Burning Blue.  The latter published tomorrow.

Despite 7 5-star Amazon reviews, last week’s book still didn’t enthrall.  So I abandoned it and decided to palate cleanse.  This means time out indulging in my not-so-guilty non-secret reading habit – a good crime novel.

Except that I didn’t read it – I listened to the unabridged audio of  the first in Alex Gray’s DCI Lorimer series, Never Somewhere Else.  There’s not a lot to say beyond the fact that it ticks most of the crime-reading boxes: a chilling serial killer, a competent DCI and a forensic psychologist whose mind games keep up with those of the criminal.  It is worth mentioning that this series is set in Glasgow, the green parks and flats of middle-class art students and business professionals.   Now that there are 4 in the series, with a 5th due later in the year, it looks as though Edinburgh’s Rebus has a rival from the western side of Scotland.   Never Somewhere Else is competently written and has set the scene nicely for further criminal indulgence.  Yes, I’m going to read them all!


It worked as a palate cleanser too.  I’m glad to say that I’m now totally absorbed by Ann-Marie MacDonald’s Fall on Your Knees.