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I have not upgraded my trial of Amazon Prime to a fully paid-up subscription.  I am not to be seduced by no postal charges or the instant gratification of the buy-with-1-click button.  Why not?  Because a one month trial has taught me what I knew already – that I would be unable to say no.  Ladies and gentlemen may I present to you, as an alternative to that other longlist doing the round this week, Lizzy’s Amazon Prime dozen.

Lizzy's Amazon Prime Dozen

A bookpile which if I say so is more balanced and rounded than the actual man booker list even if 10 of the 12 aren’t in the running for the prize!  However my interest in these new purchases has been gloriously subverted by Portillo and Co.

Say what you will about the Man Booker longlist – and many have – it is a list with more appeal than for many a year.  I can see myself reading them all …. eventually.  Accessible too.  For a start, the library has 9 of the 13.  I hope they’ll acquire the two yet to be published.  With two in hand, the two lying proudly on top of the pictured bookpile, I’m looking forward to participating in some of the many blog discussions over the next couple of months. 

As I haven’t read any of the 13, it’s too early to predict the final outcome.  However,  if I were to award the prize to the novel with the most intriguing title,  it would go to Mohammed Hanif’s “A Case of Exploding Mangoes”, which I’m reading and finding quite unputdownable right now.  More later in the week, no doubt.

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