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So how does one decide the next read, particularly when the TBR has evolved into a mountain range? (In my case 400+)

As evidenced by my side bar, I do enjoy a reading challenge or 2 or 3 or 10!  They’re very helpful in grouping books together and establishing a sense of purpose or reason in what is quite honestly a mammoth pile of chaos.

Then there are lists produced by various panels – a couple of new ones out this week:

50 children’s books to read before you die

50 crime writers to read before you die

Above lists fashioned from the now well-known tome on the left.  A book I don’t much like, it must be said.  I cooled not because I’ve read less than 15% of the 1001 but because of the errors I found in it.  Details elude me because I don’t own the book but I have recollections of something spurious in The Tin Drum entry.

I’ve switched my allegiances to the little black book on the right. The subtitle, should you be unable to make it out, reads “A century of the greatest books, writers, characters, passages and events that rocked the literary world”.  Because its scope is limited to the 20th century, there’s space not only for book recommendations, but also for analysis of key authors, characters and  events.  So, for example, The Tin Drum entry contains not only accurate information about the book but also details of the 40 lawsuits that were brought against Guenther Grass when it was published.

Coming in at 795 pages, it’s not so little but it is proving invaluable in finding titles for my own C20th Century Challenge (100 books, 100 authors, one book for each year of the century). Current status 58 down, 42 remaining.

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